Alu Windrad


12 Volt 6 Watt


Sprinters from aluminum and galvanized stealing hurrying


to the loading of a small car battery


Free-wheel, automatic storm disconnection,




( german: )








                            low-friction ballbbearing,  easily start also with weak wind


Control:                - wind adjustment with flag,

                              with storm the wheel is swivelled automatically off the wind

                              (axial load-controlled)  

                            - the vertical axis of the rotor is fastened with 2 screws

                              to a pipe (like picture above)


Generator             - 2x3 Watt of direct current generators,

                              friction wheel translation with free-wheel more particularly

                              12 V of electric rectifiers for direct link to a car battery, 5 m cables



Price (inkl. MWSt.)      82.- EURO-                                                  protectected by European Patent


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Diplomarbeit zum Thema:  Grundlagen der Windenergie, Berechnung und Erprobung des Aluwindrades



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